Lou at an easel
Lou at an easel


I'm Lou Partridge, an artist dedicated to the realms of painting and illustration. My journey in art began in the scenic county of Buckinghamshire, leading me to the vibrant heart of London, where I honed my skills at the University of Westminster, earning a degree in Illustration. This marked the beginning of my professional career in painting, a path I pursue with unwavering passion.

My artistic expression is deeply rooted in my reverence for the natural world, enriched by inspirations from folklore, mythological narratives, and historical tales. My work seeks to capture the enchanting allure of landscapes and the essence of nature, serving as a conduit to our ancestral heritage and our intrinsic connection to the environment. My studies in narrative painting have profoundly shaped my approach, with each artwork narrating its unique tale. I predominantly work with acrylics, incorporating elements like metal leaf, powders, handmade paper, and glitter to bring my visions to life.

My professional repertoire extends beyond traditional canvas work. I actively engage in creating sets, props, and costumes for theatre, carnival, and various displays, utilising diverse mediums such as mosaic, appliqué, printmaking, and photography.

My creations are predominantly showcased across Sussex, where I reside in a serene village, cradled by the Downs and in close proximity to the sea. This setting not only influences my work but also connects me more intimately with the audience and the art community in the region.



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